Does marketing your home for auction and paying NO COMMISSION or Professional SELLING FEES interest you? Is that too hard to believe?

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Commission savings with the Freenzi Way

Note: Based upon a standard real estate auction costs of commission of 4% of the first $400,000, then 2% on the balance of the sales value. Then add $400.00 admin fee, and $500.00 auctioneer's fee. On top of that also add, the Governments cost of 15% GST.

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Information on standard real estate commission and the GST (tax) on residential sales

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  • Sellers sign an auction listing agreement
  • Active consultants are assigned to a property, and work with the seller(s), updating them regularly
  • Consultants meet with registered buyers on site to view a property.
  • Freenzi can arrange for the photographer within the marketing packages
  • Freenzi can arrange the printing and installation of fence signs, property portfolios and brochures 
  • If the Seller chooses to obtain a registered valuation, and building report, Freenzi can co-ordinate these. The seller pays directly for these reports.
    • Freenzi upload any property reports to the auction listing and are available to view by registered buyers
  • There are three marketing packages are available
  • Free of commission or selling fees
  • Online auction
  • Buyers need to register online or contact Freenzi to complete their registration

We can help you save thousands of dollars on real estate commissions and thousands of dollars in not paying Government taxes (GST) on your property sale

Contact Freenzi Real Estate Auctions today. Go to the Contact Us page and complete the form. A consultant will make contact with you or you can call our national office on 03 312 0497, or 0800 No Fees (0800 66 3337).

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