The best way to benefit as an investor is to register as a Preferential Buyer.


  • Suits investors wanting a head start on the rest of the market and may be interested in purchasing more than one property over a 12 month period.
  • Must provide evidence they are cash buyers and show they have finance pre-approved to be able to bid unconditionally.
  • Consultants can network on behalf of Preferential Buyers to find properties, to bid on, through an auction.
  • Able to obtain property reports on all auction listings over the forthcoming 12 month period, potentially saving many thousands of dollars if purchasing a number of properties.
    • Have exclusive access to inspect any property in the first week of the four-week auction promotion. This is not available to registered Property Seekers.
  • Can bid exclusively on properties in the first week, once the online auction is activated. This is not available to Property Seekers.
  • Only Preferential Buyers can stop the auction early if their bid is acceptable to the seller
    • They are unconditional buyers
    • Once a successful bid is accepted, all property reports are re-addressed to the Preferential Buyer’s solicitor or lender, at no cost.
      • If these reports are acceptable to the buyer's lender and/or solicitor, this can save the cost in obtaining separate property reports, of around $1,400 for each property.
    • Registration as a Preferential Buyer lasts for 12 months.
      • This registration cost is non-refundable.
      • The fee remains active to be applied against any property purchase success fee in this period.
      • Should no properties be purchased during this period, the funds do not roll over to the next 12 month period.
    • As a contrast, Property Seekers can only obtain property reports on one property at any time.
      • Property Seekers bidding opens in the last week of the auction promotion


Registering as a Preferential Buyer

  • There is a reasonable one-off annual fee.
    • This registration fee can be applied to the success fee of any property the Preferential Buyer or Investor successfully bids on, or
    • There is the option to still pay the success fee for any property and maintain Preferential Buyer status for any other purchase within the next 12 months.
    • When you consider the amount of money you could save, not having to arrange your own Property reports on the different properties you look at over the year, this is a great investment

Find out more by completing the Contact us   form as a Preferential Buyer, or phone 03 312 0497, or 0800 No Fees (0800 66 3337)

Note: A Freenzi Real Estate Auction Consultant will be in contact to talk through the next step

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